Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Tartan tartan tartan

One of my favourite trends has always been tartan and this year its really taking off from Primark to Topshop tartan is everywhere I mean everyone and there mum seems to be buying something and everyone has that Primark scarf.
It can be coordinated so many ways and really gives a nice muted lift to an outfit that is mostly darker colours the easiest way to wear tartan is either with a scarf or bag, if you aren't ready for full on pattern but tartan coats are great because you can throw them on over anything an it gives that instant "on trend" look.

I put together a halloween inspired outfit with this River Island dress  paired with a cute boyfriend jumper, slouchy totebowler hat an ouija necklace, choker (unavailable buy from etsy) some slightly geeky bracelets and some killer Jeffrey Campbells I think its a very autumnal look the bark colours and the reds and oranges really remind me of the falling leaves.
And I really live the little lace inserts in the dress they give it a more delicate edge.

  Harmony xx

Monday, 28 October 2013

Ranting about some current loves

Hi there, I'm finally starting this blogging lark as most of my friends are sick of my ranting about clothes.
So I'm currently saving for a big shopping trip and I will most likely be doing a haul and I'm lusting after some items big time also a fair bit inspired by AHS coven lately I just love the modern witch twist.

Firstly I need a new pair of boots my dirty laundry ones are being held together with nail glue and aren't all that rainproof any more I really like the chunky chelsea type ankle boots that are everywhere currently but I'm not sure which to go for, some of my favourites are,
The H&M platform quilted boot I saw these is person and I just fell in love
 The Carys black boohoo ones seriously good value
No list would be complete without some Jeffery Campbells Siglins
And I just can't resist these cutouts

Dresses, its coming into winter and I am coveting slouchy longer dresses,
I have been wanting some cute maxi/mid-length dresses for some time but being only 5ft1 it can be really hard to get a length that doesn't look awkward but in H&M the other day I found some cheap and unbelievably soft ones that looked really nice and it really encouraged me to just go for it!

Firstly I'm really liking Topshops cut out shoulder one the slight dip is so nice
The grey H&M jersey dress is so cheap and such a nice layering piece
Zara has there new grunge dress and the thing I like most is the quarter sleeves
BooHoo have a strappy one that is really nice slits at the front
Fashion union have a nice loose velvet dress which I think would look great in a size up
(I always like so many black dresses in colder weather)

Jackets jacket jackets, my total favourite thing about the cold weather I'm really into fake fur this year it just makes any outfit look so effortlessly glamorous, I have my eye on a few jackets and I want to narrow it down to one fur and one parka type.
I love oversized coats and I really like big collars and patterned coats cosy bundle up types, I'm dreaming of some holy grail type tatran number to be honest but I don't think I will find one within my budget....

H&Ms fake fur jacket, I am totally in love with this one, pretty sure I will buy it.
Pull and Bear Check Biker Jacket almost perfect, just not quite.
Fashion union does a really cute shaggy black jacket that reminds me of a sheep
I love plain oversized coats Topshop does a really nice one
Another H&M coat I adore it their bouche jacket and its such good value.

I am so excite to go shopping, I haven't been on a proper haul in ages and I am so thrilled with the stock that's in the highstreet at the moment and I really feel like my style has matured a lot lately so I really cant wait to have a day out with some friends and get some nice warm winter clothes !

    Harmony xx

Sunday, 27 October 2013

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